With our extensive and flexible catering packages you have plenty of choice for your event!

We can serve the below menus in a variety of styles but also offer bespoke menus and dishes based on your requirements. These can be anything from authentic regional curries to Mediterranean pasta dishes and Turksish platters. We can provide almost any dish and style to produce a menu that is perfect for your day!

Our service styles include:

✅ Streetfood from our foodtruck where guests come up and pick options for themselves (we can work to a pre-order or from our own experience of popularity ratios)

✅ Table service for sit-down or more formal meal

✅ As a self service sharing grazing tables, platters and sandwich platters (can also be served to tables)

✅ Self service hot buffets

✅ Corporate lunches delivered to your buisness

✅ Canapés served to your guests

Our prices are competitive and we pride ourselves in offering the tastiest, homemade food!

Streetfood Menus

Handmade Gourmet Burger Menu (served with side of chunky seasoned chips)

Handmade gourmet beef burger with thick cut bacon, melted cheddar, mixed slaw, leafy salad and tomato and our own blackened cajun mayo

Southern fried chicken burger with melted cheddar, thick cut bacon, mixed slaw, leafy salad and tomato and our own garlic, lemon and herb mayo

Grilled halloumi burger with roasted peppers, leafy salad and tomato, mixed slaw and our own sticky tomato jam (veggie)

Moroccan falafel burger, mixed vegan coconut slaw, leafy salad and tomato, harissa hummus (vegan)

Open Street-food Kebab Menu (served with chunky chips)

Southern fried chicken, BBQ drizzle, mixed Mediterranean salad, garlic, lemon and herb mayo, bacon, cheddar, stone baked naan bread

Grilled Paneer and butternut, Korma sauce, mixed Mediterranean salad, coriander, garlic and turmeric yoghurt, stone baked naan bread (veggie)

Turkish style spiced lamb Koftas, mixed Mediterranean salad, feta cheese, coriander and a spiced garlic Greek yogurt, stone baked naan bread

Fried Moroccan falafel, mixed Mediterranean salad, coriander, Harissa hummus, lemon and garlic coconut yoghurt, stone baked naan bread (vegan)

Spiced cauliflower and lemongrass pakora, mixed Mediterranean salad, coriander, garlic, lemon and garlic coconut yoghurt, stone baked naan bread (vegan)

Hot Bowls (served with stone baked naan bread)

Moroccan lamb, chickpea, lentil, and coconut tagine served with feta, mint turmeric yoghurt and naan bread

Spicy Caribbean vegetable/chicken curry with chicken peas, mixed vegetables spinach, coconut and naan bread

Italian style slow cooked ragu served with steak mince or qourn, pasta, garlic naan, parmesan and fresh basil

Southern style mac and cheese served with garlic naan, with choice of chorizo, chives, tomatoes or jalapeños


Mediterranean tartlet, sun dried tomato, olive, pesto, fresh basil, manchego cheese

Stilton, walnuts, caramelised onion and grape vol au vents, rosemary

Open sweet potato and spinach samosa cup, mango, fresh corriander (vegan)

Chicken Fajita, roasted red onion and pepper skewers

Slow cooked pulled pork crostini, apple sauce


New york style baked vanilla cheesecake, white chocolate sauce, chocolate buttons, fresh strawberries

Traditional pecan pie, caramel sauce, clotted cream, fresh strawberries

Lemon and rosemary posset, shortbread, fresh strawberries, clotted cream

Salted caramel chocolate pots, caramel sauce, shortbread crumb, fresh strawberries

Vegan chocolate and coconut torte (vegan)

Bakewell tartlet, fresh strawberries, clotted cream, raspberry coulis, white chocolate buttons

Grazing Mezze Platter

Including a selection of continental meats/cheeses, rustic bread basket, pork pies, pesto, hummus, caramelised onion chutney, olives, grapes, vine tomatoes, savoury selection, celery and more…..

Dessert Sharing Platter

Perfect for weddings and corporate events!

All served as miniatures, choosing 3 options

Sandwich Platter

Selection of homemade sandwiches of your choice and served on our large oak serving platters

We also offer a range of bespoke buffet items at your requests to build a formidable banquet!

As with all of our menus, we can meet any dietary requirements to ensure your needs are met.

Look forward to catering for you soon!